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  FCC General Menu Reports 3.1.14 October 7, 2010

FCC General Menu Reports 3.1.14 October 7, 2010

QueryBrief Query Description
Quick Searches
Callsign Quick license search by Callsign.
File Number Quick application or License search by File Number or ULS Coordinator.
Parent Child Quick Parent/Child search based on Callsign or FAC ID.
Detailed Searches
Licensee Detailed search based on Licensee or Applicant data. This search only operates on administrative data such as Licensee Name, Address State, FRN. Results are presented with only administrative information. It is the only way to find data for Services where no engineering or market data is saved. Accessible Version (Single Service/Radio Service selection).
Site / Market / Frequency Searches on Site and Frequency data such as Location, State/County, Frequency. This search includes ULS Market queries if a latitude / longitude location specification is not entered. Accessible Version (Single Service/Radio Service selection).
This System is a portal to the following FCC Databases:
FCC Media Bureau Cable Operations and Licensing System
OET Experimental Licensing System
International Bureau Filing System
Mass Media CDBS
Universal Licensing System
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FCC General Menu Reports 3.1.14 October 7, 2010